Real Couples

It is possibly the most romantic gesture you can make! This will be an experience that you'll never forget and will be a story you can share long into the future---maybe even for generations!

Wedding Ring Workshop - Real Couples

These Real Couples learned how to make their own wedding rings in Danielle Miller's  "Make Your Own Wedding Ring Workshop."

Make It With Your Own Hands

If you are looking for a truly romantic gesture and you would like to add personal value and meaning to the most important ring you'll ever wear, this unique experience may be for you!

Happy Couples


Danielle was such a wonderful teacher. She took her time to explain how to do everything and was extremely knowledgeable. We truly enjoyed spending the day with her and making our rings. We had an absolute blast and we have a new found respect for those in the jewelry making business.


My fiancé and I made our wedding bands with Danielle. She was so patient and helpful with making our rings. Especially since my fiancé is visually impaired. Danielle is a wonderful instructor and our wedding bands came out perfect.


This was the best experience, truly! My husband and I took the ring workshop to craft our wedding bands for one another. It was an amazing experience. Danielle was so patient and even cleaned my engagement ring so that we had everything extra shiny. It was so fun and we learned so much.

Washington, DC

My fiancé and I are TOTAL DIYers and I can’t imagine our wedding rings any other way! Danielle was amazing and worked patiently with us every step of the way! We had a blast and can’t wait to try out other classes one day!!

South Carolina