Close up of neckline of Sticks and pearls Necklace. this necklace is made of silver and has silver square wire hanging from its chain resembling sticks and beaded pearls on some of the ends of the "sticks".
Full view of Sticks and Pearls necklace.
Full view of Sticks and Pearls necklace on woman's neck to help give idea of scale of piece.
Close up shot of neckline of Sticks and Pearls Necklace.

Sticks And Pearls Necklace

Sticks And Pearls Necklace

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This necklace is dramatic in looks yet comfortable and easy to wear.
It can be the perfect all-day necklace for dressing up jeans and a t-shirt or it can be the perfect accessory to your little black dress.

Sterling silver and pearls.

Approximately 18" long.

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