Full view of Striated Necklace - green beryl and Green Diamonds on woman's neck to give idea of scale of piece. the silver pendant lays on a hand fabricated silver chain. The pendant is a silver oval with silver lines running through it. The bottom right corner of the oval has a set piece of raw green beryl and on the opposite side are five set green diamonds lining the silver oval.
Close up view of pendant on Striated necklace - Green Beryl and Green Diamond.

Striated Necklace - Green Beryl And Green Diamonds

Striated Necklace - Green Beryl And Green Diamonds

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One of a Kind

Hand fabricated in 18k gold & oxidized Sterling Silver with raw surface Green Beryl & Green Diamonds.

Approximately 1" wide x 1.75" high.

Comes on a handmade chain with a handmade clasp, approximately 19" long.


“Green beryl” is the name given to light green beryls that do not have tone and saturation dark enough to be classified as “emerald.” These pale green beryls are colored by iron or chromium, with their color ranging from pale yellow-green to pale mint green.

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