Close up image of Golden Marquise Spiral Pendant.
Full image of Golden Marquise Spiral Pendant necklace. This necklace is made of gold and has a set diamond at the end of the spiral.
Image of pendant on Golden Marquise Spiral Pendant with hand in background to give an idea of scale of piece.

Golden Marquise Spiral Pendant

Golden Marquise Spiral Pendant

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The nature is filled with spirals -- from hurricanes and galaxies to plant tendrils and snail shells. Spiritually, the spiral symbolizes growth, development and evolution --it represents the path leading from outer consciousness (materialism, ego) to the inner soul (enlightenment, cosmic awareness).

Spiraled marquise-shaped pendant in buttery 18k gold accented with a .05ct diamond. Comes on 16" 18k gold chain. Pendant is approximately 1.75" long.

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