New Gallery & Studio Opening Summer 2024 in Greenville, SC

New Gallery & Studio Opening Summer 2024 in Greenville, SC

Full image of Multiple Nugget Facet Ring on its side. This ring is made of gold and has five set blue sapphires on its band. The settings of the sapphires are cut and sanded around that look like a nugget of gold enveloping the sapphires.
Full image of side profile of multiple nugget facet ring.
Angled view of Multiple Nugget facet Ring laying on a branch.

Multiple Nugget Facet Ring

Multiple Nugget Facet Ring

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A sweet little nugget ring!

A sparkling gemstone is flush set into a faceted domed nugget. Broad facets cover the surface of this little ring, creating a chiseled look. It has a soft satin finish on the outside while the inside is a shiny high polish for the utmost comfort. The facets catch and reflect light giving the rings a lovely organic sparkle. ***Each ring is hand faceted. The facets are unique and no two rings will be exactly the same***

Looks great on its own, stacked up with other nugget rings and/or facet rings.

This band is 2 - 3mm wide.
Gemstones range in size from 2mm - 3mm 
Available in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold or 14k rose gold.

Shown in 14k yellow gold with blue sapphires.



Pink Sapphires are are made up of the mineral corundum that is colored by trace elements of chromium. This is how they get their beautiful natural color.

Blue Sapphires are made from the mineral corundum that is colored by trace elements of iron and titanium. Many times Blue sapphires are just called 'sapphires' while the other fancy colored sapphires usually need a color prefix (Like pink sapphire).

Black Diamonds are just that -- black.  These are diamonds that have been treated to turn a jet black color.  These diamonds are bold, and less brilliant than other diamond choices because of their opaque nature.  They have sparkle from their surface facets, but do not illuminate from within.  They are a fun alternative look, and add contrast and an unexpected touch of flair to traditional designs or stacks.

Lab Grown Diamonds are lab created stones that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds, with all the same fire, brilliance and luster.  They're more economical than a traditional diamond, but just as pretty and durable.  We always source traditional white diamonds in the SI1 range or better. 

Natural Canadian Diamonds are our choice for the purist who wants diamonds sourced from the earth instead of created in a lab.  When you buy Canadian, you have the comfort of knowing that your diamonds were pulled from the ground without employing any questionable social practices, and with less destructive methods.  Because of their growing popularity, and contrary to popular belief, Canadian Diamonds don't cost significantly more than traditional untraceably mined diamonds, either.  

Interested in a different colored stone or using your heirloom gold + diamonds? Contact us for pricing info.

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Multiple Nugget Facet Ring